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Chungcheong Branch - May 2024 Monthly

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Korean General League of Unions - Native Teachers’ Branch Chungcheong Meeting Addresses Key Issues
May 19, 2024 -- The Native Teachers’ Branch of the Korean General League of Unions branch in Chungcheong recently held a meeting to discuss critical issues affecting students and teachers in the region. Key topics included the repeal of the local Students’ Human Rights Ordinance, challenges faced by foreign teachers, and upcoming union activities. Thirteen teachers attended the meeting.
Repeal of Students' Human Rights Ordinance
The repeal of the Students’ Human Rights Ordinance, which guarantees students' rights to quality education, freedom from abuse and discrimination, and protection of minority students, was a major point of concern. The ordinance was repealed by the Chungnam Provincial Assembly on April 24, 2024, but the Supreme Court of Korea is set to contest this decision after a lawsuit was filed by the Chungnam Superintendent of Education. Foreign residents are encouraged to sign a civil petition by May 20 to support the ordinance, which is legal.
Teacher Issues and Action Plans
Teachers in the region expressed significant concerns about inadequate pay, poor living conditions, and additional non-teaching duties. Action plans include requesting a budget audit, advocating for pay raises, and demanding yearly housing maintenance and livability inspections. The union emphasized the importance of flexible payment structures for union membership fees, especially for those facing financial hardship.
Upcoming Events and Elections
The meeting highlighted several upcoming events and elections. A special election for a regional chair is scheduled for May 27-31. Additionally, a "Know Your Rights! Meet and Greet" event is set for July 6 in Busan, with travel arrangements decided. Members are encouraged to participate and support union activities.
Public School Issues
Ongoing issues at public schools were discussed, focusing on the need for better recruitment processes and hiring practices. Despite enjoying their jobs, teachers highlighted low pay, poor living conditions, and additional duties as significant concerns. The union plans to advocate for pay raises, improved housing conditions, and to inform teachers of their rights regarding extra duties.
The meeting concluded with a call for more teachers to join the union, emphasizing the potential for improved conditions. The next meeting is scheduled for June 16 at 2:00 PM at the Minchon Humanities Library in Cheonan, with further updates on ongoing issues and discussions on teachers' rights.
The Korean General League of Unions continues to strive for better conditions for teachers and the protection of students' rights in the region.


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